ProDsine Logo

What we do
ProDsine is an Engineering Design Company that provides solutions to challenging problems.

Our Vision
ProDsine aims to be the preferred solution provider for innovators facing challenging Engineering problems.

What Drives Us
We are driven to excellence by our tagline - "Engineered Solutions"

What sets us apart

ProDsine is heavily influenced by our experience in Product Design, Product Development, Rapid Prototyping, Reliability Testing and Project Management.

We understand the Product Design Process and know the critical importance of each stage in the design.

We strive to satisfy our clients' needs and provide optimal solutions. We realize that Time and Money are important parameters of a well engineered design.

Our Strengths
  • Deconstructing complex problems into relevant and tangible goals
  • Simple solutions by cross-pollinating ideas across different disciplines
  • The ability to view solutions as a part of the whole, and thus produce relevant results
  • Modern Engineering Tools that allow us to work faster and more effectively
Our Commitment to Time
A solution no matter how perfect, is not effective unless applied in time. ProDsine recognizes this and strives to deliver our services faster and through streamlined channels.